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The Melvin Jones Memorial Committee located at Fort Thomas Arizona, U.S.A. has exciting news to share with all Lions. Fort Thomas is the birthplace of Melvin Jones, the founder of Lions Clubs International. The Lions of Arizona in consultation with Melvin Jones, decided to develop a memorial at Fort Thomas, The memorial was initiated and sustained by the 4000 Lions of Arizona. The initial development, an impressive spire, was dedicated in 1965. In the ensuing years it has become obvious that the development of the memorial is a responsibility of all of the Lions of the world. In keeping with this thinking the International Board of Lions Clubs passed the following resolution at their meeting in San Diego

"Be it resolved that the Melvin Jones Lions International Memorial Committee be authorized to solicit funds outside the boundaries of their multiple district, subject to review and approval of the solicitation literature by the General Council."

The memorial museum houses memorabilia and artifacts pertaining to Melvin Jones's Lionistic activities, A specific portion of space in the building is dedicated to Lion health programs regarding diabetes, sight, hearing and drug awareness, All the works are displayed in a very professional manner befitting the founder of the premier service organization in the World. Future plans are pending - - Futher work depends on the support from you! The Lions.

Each year on the closest Saturday to January 13, Melvin Jones birth date, a rededication is held at Fort Thomas to honor Melvin Jones. All Lions and guests are welcome to attend.

The Memorial Committee is requesting the Lions of the World to assist us financially so that this most significant Lionistic legacy may be completed. We are providing the following opportunities for you to be involved.

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$500.00 US
Founder Club Patch
Progressive Founder Club Patch
Advanced Founder Patch
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$1000.00 US Clubs name on the Wall of Fame scroll in the museum and a Founders Patch Click for Printable
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$250.00 US
$500.00 US
$1000.00 US
Person's name in Bronze on Wall of Fame Scroll
Person's name in Silver on Wall of Fame Scroll
Person's name in Gold on Wall of Fame Scroll
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$100.00 US Name Bricks to be placed in the vicinity of the Memorial Spire- 4 inch by 8 inch brick with up to 30 characters, letters, spaces and punctuation. Click For further information & Application form.

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