Melvin Jones Lions International Memorial News
Submitted November 2014 by

PCC Ralph Williamson, President

• Mark your calendars for January 10, 2015 when we re-dedicate ourselves to Lionism with our honored Lions International 2nd Vice President Robert “Bob” Corlew
• One of the projects of President Joe this year is Relieving Hunger Global Service Action Campaign.
• What better way of serving in our MD21, bring non-perishable food to the re-dedication on January 10th to serve the local food bank. Many times we hear the MJLIM does very little for the FT. Thomas community well this is one way we can help along with the sight & hearing screening we do.
• Please download the registration form from our web page or the one printed in the Canyon State Lion.


• Inside the museum there is a bust of MELVIN JONES and if you look close you can see Melvin smiling because this was the first time in history that the LCI President, Executive Committee and the LCI board of directors visited his memorial as a group.
• Melvin T. Jones wanted his Memorial in Ft. Thomas where he was born—since the Safford Lions Club was the closet Club to the birth place, they accepted responsibility of starting the ball rolling at a state Convention.
• Melvin Jones stated: Ft. Thomas is the place where I was born and have two brothers buried. It is already a historical site as a Fort, and while Safford is only 18 Miles from Ft. Thomas, Ft. Thomas is only 18 miles from Safford.
• There is a continuing misconception in regards to the Melvin Jones Lions International Memorial re-dedication. It is very important to remember that each year we re-dedicate ourselves to Lionism; we are not re-dedicating the Memorial as it was previously dedicated in 1965.
• President Joe Preston presented several Presidential Certificates to members of the board and to members of the Safford Lions Club, who have supported the MJLIM over the years, please review the pictures on our web page.
• Director Les Daviet ll presented two Vanguard’s one to 2nd Vice President Robert Corlew and one to Director ID Teresa Mann. We are honored that Board Appointee PID Choi, Jung-Yul "Yul" purchased a Vanguard to help us plan for the future.
• The journey to the memorial was a special trip for the directors after their week long board meeting in Phoenix. The MJLIM board thanks Board Appointee PCC Alan Lundgren for all the travel arrangements.
• The MJLIM board served the directors Steak, Baked Potato, Beans, and a special vegetarian meal for those who requested it, and for the wonderful meal we thank the cooks from The Safford Lions Club.
ª The day started out raining but turned out to be just a cool & windy day in Arizona.
ª We owe special thanks to the Ft. Thomas Fire Department who allowed us to set up our tables and chairs in their fire station for lunch.
• Please review the MJLIM web page for pictures of the event and more.
We want to thank you for all your donations last year, they were put them to good use. We are in the process of replacing one of the Ramada’s roofs that was destroyed by a wind storm and replacing the office window for the same reason.
• Our big project which will be on going for at least a year will be to relocate the bricks. Because of the hard water in the irrigation system and the different weather the maintenance of the bricks is ongoing. The board has decided to extend the concrete behind the sphere and build individual walls and install the bricks on the vertical instead of the horizontal.
ª By doing this it will look more professional and eliminate a lot of maintenance. The walk way will just be plain red bricks. We will keep you updated on the web page as our construction progresses.
• Again thank you for all your donations and help to keep the memorial up to date and in good condition.



The fraternal group of One Thousand Vanguards is strictly limited to the first one thousand Lions who contribute $1000 U.S. to the vision for the World Culture and Peace Center.

The Melvin Jones Memorial has been approved by Lions Club International for solicitation of funds. The Melvin Jones Memorial is a 501c3 Corporation therefore; all contributions given in the United States are fully tax deductible. We discourage clubs from contributing $1000 to recognize a club member for One Thousand Vanguards for three reasons; first, this project should not conflict with LCIF and ; second, we fully encourage clubs to support their local community needs; third, this should not be construed to be a Melvin Jones Fellowship. It is our belief that there are Lions who are capable of and able to make a personal contribution to the World Culture Center at Fort Thomas

1) Lions who contribute $1000 U.S. will be recognized with a diamond shaped gold pin with four red jewels.
2) Also a Melvin Jones Memorial One Thousand Vanguards plaque individually engraved.
3) You will have your name permanently engraved at the Melvin Jones Memorial Wall of Fame.

We invite you to become one of the Thousand Vanguards in this very unique project.





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